RockSim is a computer program that allows you to design any size rocket then simulate its flight to see how high and fast it will fly! Even before you start buying components and building your design, you'll find out if it will be stable and safe to launch, as well as meet any weight, speed or height criteria you might want. Instead of wasting money on incorrect components and numerous test motors, imagine how much money you'll save by doing all your test flights on the computer!

You can also use it to find the best motor and delay combinations for your existing kits. Because nearly every rocket manufacturer uses this software, nearly all available rocket kits have a RockSim design file that you can open using the FREE 30-day trial version. Change the engines and the weather conditions to see if you have the best choice!

RockSim is also educational, that's why it is certified by the Space Foundation. Use it to teach yourself and others about the physics of rocket flight.

More modelers, teachers, and engineers use RockSim than all the other rocketry programs combined!