KLIMA AQUASTAR waterraket starterset

Aqua Star is an absolute sensation in the field of water rockets:

A complete system with almost all standard PET bottles
can be umfumktioniert without using adhesives or tools for water rocket!
fly high with water and air up to 100m!
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Aqua Star is a completely new and sophisticated approach which it has previously not been so.
A rear part which adapts to most bottle necks, a soft, aerodynamic foam tip which conforms to all bottles diameters,
and, furthermore, space has to if necessary ballast in the tip to give.
The launch pad is sturdy, tilt-proof and can be folded compactly for easy transportation yet.
The special water rocket essay provides the rocket safe guidance during startup.
The kit contains everything you need:
Robust, non-tilting launch pad
Triggering device with long 3 meter Bowden cable, air pumps terminal and very easy release
Rear part with locking ring and water connection adapter
A set of large clip-missile fins
Foam tip
a role special tape to secure the tip
There are only still a standard bicycle pump and empty PET bottles
needed by carbonated beverages. Disposable PET bottles.
It has deliberately avoided the addition of PET bottles because it is already enough of them are in the world.
Therefore, one can a commercial bottle a second career as a rocket lend before it is disposed of!
After the missile was put together, simply fill the bottle about 1/3 with water lock on the launch pad and apply pressure with the bicycle pump.
Then set the pump aside and pull the trigger on the connected trigger,
which unlocks the rocket.
The rocket may only under adult supervision be started outdoors to avoid possible dangers. Safety warnings.
For security reasons, only one-way PET bottles may be used.
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