Madcow Black Brant II 6.0
  • Madcow Black Brant II 6.0

Madcow Black Brant II 6.0" Fiberglass

Madcow Fiberglass Black Brant II 6.0

This Kit Features

Just About 10 Feet Tall
Built Weight Aprox 28 Lbs
Dual Deploy standard
CNC Precision Cut Parts
CNC Precision Slotted
Flies on anything from L to N
Perfect for Level 2 or 3

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Product Description

Kit includes:

6 Inch 5:1 Conical Filament Wound Fiberglass Nosecone
Metal Tip
6 Inch G12 Airframe 28 Inches Long
6 Inch G12 Coupler 13 Inches Long
6 Inch G12 Airframe 48 Inches Long
6 Inch Filament Wound Fiberglass Tailcone
98mm G12 Motor Mount 22 Inches Long
3 G10 Fiberglass 3/16" Thick Fins
G10 Fiberglass Centering Rings
G10 Fiberglass Bulk Plates


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