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Rocketman standard chute 7 ft

Weight of parachute: 8.0oz
Packing Volume: 3.0”D x 6.5L”= 45.94”^3
Descent Rate:
15ft/sec: 9.0lbs
17ft/sec: 11lbs
20ft/sec: 15lbs
25ft/sec: 23lbs

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ROCKETMAN Enterprises, Inc. has always been committed to providing rocketeers with the best in High Power Rocketry supplies, rocket parachutes and products. The demand for our Recovery Systems have grown tremendously in a very short period of time. The reliability of our chute deployments and the awesome success rates of our chutes has generated thousands of satisfied customer’s. You can count on Rocketman Parachutes to keep providing you with the best of the best. That goes for products and service.

Rocketman Parachutes are the #1 choice for Tripoli Rocketry Association and the National Association of Rocketry Level 1-2-3 Certifications

STANDARD Recovery Systems are made of low-porosity 1.1 ripstop nylon.

  • Adjustable descent with cord lock (pat#5472394)
  • Quick, soft, reliable deployment
  • Reinforced edges with nylon tape & webbing
  • Nylon shroud lines sewn over the top of the canopy
  • Positive controlled deployment
  • Loop at the top of parachute for drogue’s
  • 4 shroud lines reduce chances of tangling
  • Shroud lines sewn 6” up the canopy
  • More stable than cross-form or conical chutes
  • Very simple to pack
  • Professionally designed at a fair price
  • The most reliable parachute on the market
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