PML Quantum Leap 3000

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PML`s Quantum Leap has always been a favorite with advanced rocketeers looking for a quality two-stage launch vehicle. However, with this kind of performance, there`s one thing we`ve always wanted to bring to the Q-Leap, and now it`s here! The Quantum Leap 3000, with PML`s famous CPR3000 system!

The new Quantum Leap 3000 also includes the new Interstage 3000 staging adapter system first seen in the Terrier booster for our MiniBBX. The new Interstage 3000 system is much easier to prep and use than the previous interstage coupler design, and comes complete with timer mounts and remote safety switch. For more details on CPR3000, go to the CPR/ERM page.
If you`d prefer a Quantum Leap II kit, which allows you to scratchbuild your own sustainer stage electronic recovery system, click here Quantum Leap II
Interstage 3000 Coupler Detail
Now fly the Quantum Leap to fantastic two-stage altitudes with even easier recovery with the Quantum Leap 3000! The QLeap 3000 can be flown in either a single-stage CPR or two-stage CPR configuration. Due to the incorporation of CPR, the multiple configurations of the Quantum Leap II are not available.
Both stages have...
  • Pre-slotted Quantum Tube airframe
  • G-10 fiberglass fins
  • "Kwik-Switch" motor mount
  • Piston ejection system
  • Nylon parachute
Also included...
  • Plastic nosecone
  • Interstage 3000 stage coupler w/electronics bay*
  • Explicit instructions

*This rocket is intended for experienced flyers only! A good understanding of proper motor selection and staging techniq``

Click here for the kit instructions in PDF format; 21.4Mb

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