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PML is proud to offer this semi-scale model of the AIM-120 AMRAAM Missile with our CPR3000 Dual-Deployment Recovery system already designed in!

Dia.: 3.9"
Height: 77.7"
Weight: 112 oz.
MMT: 54/38/29mm Kwik-Switch

These kits all require the following items to be "flight-ready" with the included CPR3000 system:

  • The PML Co-Pilot altimeter or Transolve P6. The Co-Pilot is available on our Electronics Page.
  • Or the Adept ALTS25, Transolve P4 or Transolve P5 altimeter. However, you`ll also need to order the compatible mounts for those altimeters, CPR2K-FAM and CPR2K-AAM, available on the CPR3000 Page, as the CPR3000 system comes standard with mounts for the P6 or Co-Pilot.
  • 4F (FFFFg) black powder for the ejection charges, which is sold at gun shops that specialize in antique firearms.
(NOTE: A CPR-based rocket must always be flown with the electronics installed. A CPR-based rocket cannot be flown with motor-based ejection).
For more details on CPR3000, go to the CPR/ERM page.

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