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The impressive stature of this 3.9" diameter kit combined with a bold fin design will be sure to draw a crowd at any launch! With it`s 36" long motor mount, this kit can handle any of the Hypertek 54mm hybrid motors.

You can also expect outstanding high altitude flights with most 54mm J composite motors without any modifications. Many of the larger K composite motors will require exceptional building skills and possible reinforcement of the airframe and fins. See the Motor Recommendations Chart and Complete FAQ on our FAQ Page for details.

Click here for the kit instructions in PDF format; 16.4Mb

Motor Recommendations | More Specifications

This kit requires the following items to be "flight-ready" with the included CPR3000 system:
  • The PML Co-Pilot altimeter or Transolve P6. The Co-Pilot is available on our Electronics Page.
  • Or the Adept ALTS25, Transolve P4 or Transolve P5 altimeter. However, you`ll also need to order the compatible mounts for those altimeters, CPR2K-FAM and CPR2K-AAM, available on the CPR3000 Page, as the CPR3000 system comes standard with mounts for the P6 or Co-Pilot.
  • 4F (FFFFg) black powder for the ejection charges, which is sold at gun shops that specialize in antique firearms.
(NOTE: A CPR-based rocket must always be flown with the electronics installed. A CPR-based rocket cannot be flown with motor-based ejection).

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