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Pro29® rocket motor hardware is as simple as you can get. With the forward closure included in the reload kit, you only need your motor case of choice and one rear closure.

Manufactured from thin-wall 6061-T6 aluminum tubing with a clear anodized coating for corrosion protection, Pro29® motor cases are lightweight but strong, capable of holding well over 3000 psi of internal pressure. The forward closure is retained by a formed rim at the head end of the casing. The rear of the casing has precision-machined internal threads.

Pro29® motor casings are available in seven sizes. Please refer to the motor specifications page to see which casing is required for each Pro29® reload.

Don't forget that you'll need a delay adjustment tool for your Pro29® reloads, unless you use electronic ejection exclusively. The ProDAT-38® tool allows you to choose from 5 preset delay times with every reload.
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