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Corporations of the future may be contracted to develop rockets to save the Earth from a wayward asteroid.
Fly the Matrix, save the world?

Dia.: 3.0"
Height: 52"
MMT: 38mm
Weight: 55 oz.
Chute: 36"
Payload: 12"
FinArray: 3 split main and 6 mini-canard
FinThickness: 0.06"
CertLevel: Level 1 and 2
Motors: H thru J
Comment: an awesome
FinRoot: 5.5
FinSpan: 6.5
FinCode: 3

The Matrix may never really save the world, but it is sure to grab the attention of everyone on the flight line! The Matrix comes complete with our exclusive Quantum Tube airframe, G-10 fins, and complete decal package. Flies great using H and I motors. The Matrix comes with a 38mm motor mount. To use 29mm motors in a 38mm mount, purchase the optional easy to use HAMR-38- SET motor retainer and HAMR-ADPTR-38/29. The payload bay measures 12".
• Pre-slotted Quantum Tube airframe
• Dura-Chute nylon parachute
• Plastic nosecone
• 38mm motor mount
• Piston ejection system
• G-10 fins
• Linear Rail Lugs for 10/10 launch rails

Click here for the complete Data Sheet
Click here for the kit instructions in PDF format

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