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    7.5" T-LOC no recovery

    Price €243.80

    Complexity: Advanced
    Diameter: 7.5″
    Height: 66.5"
    Weight: 10.5lbs
    Motor Mount: 75mm x17" / 54mm x17" Adaptor

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    Price €123.93

    The Alpha III STEM educational kit inspires kids through hands-on, explorative learning. Kids ponder the wondrous world of science as they learn how rockets reach outer space. Designed with pre-colored parts and self-stick decals, the Alpha III be ready for liftoff in under an hour. Includes 12 rockets, each with its own set of instructions.

  • 8" Fiberglass AGM-33 Pike ™

    Price €1,814.05

    Filament Wound Nose Cone
    Metal Tip Nose Cone
    Pre-Slotted Fiberglass Airframe
    G10 Fins and Centering Rings
    Dual Deploy w/18" Long A-Bay


    Length: 142"
    Diameter: 8.0"
    Weight: 56 lbs
    Motor Mount: 98mm
    Fins: 6 each 3/16" G10

  • MINIE-MAGG 5.5"

    Price €173.51

    The MINIE MAGG is the largest kit available that can still fly on a G-80 motor with an optional MMA-2 adapter.

  • DynaStar Orion

    Price €41.28

    Let your imagination take a trip to distant worlds. The Orion is the latest corporate star cruiser that will make your journey to other planets fast and full of luxury. This is one of the sleekest looking rockets you'll find, and it is packed full of decals to make it look so realistic. Big too! It is 2.2 inches in diameter and flies on 24mm diameter motors.

  • Madcow Fiberglass Nike-Tomahawk 4.0

    This Kit Features

    2 Stage Ready
    Over 7 Feet Tall
    Built Weight about 8 Lbs
    Dual Deploy capable
    CNC Precision Cut Parts
    CNC Precision Slotted
    Flies on anything from J to L (Booster)

    Can be built as a single stage or a two stage rocket