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  • Aerotech Arreaux

    Price €66.07

    Aerotech Arreaux™

    Our trademark rocket. Pronounced “aero,”
    the Arreaux’s payload section makes it
    perfect for lofting altimeters, accelerometers,
    and other experimental projects.
    With “G” powered flights exceeding 3000
    feet, this rocket cranks!
  • Estes Little Joe II

    Price €57.81

    Estes 7227 - Little Joe II

    Skill level expert 

    The scale kit introductions get another BIG boost with the reintroduction of the Little Joe II. This kit is a 1/45th scale and a skill level 4 builder at it's finest! Our high quality parts along with your precision building and finishing skills will make the Little Joe II a rocket to be very proud of! 

  • Estes Big Bertha

    Price €20.62

    Estes Big Bertha

    Big Bertha is an Estes original! She's an all around Estes favorite that has truly withstood the test of time. Over the decades, Big Bertha has been most modelers' first big build. If you've never flown a Bertha, get one and launch it. Once you've flown it, you'll take it to every launch!
  • PML Miranda

    Price €123.93

    Public Missiles Limited Miranda

    Dia.: 3.0"
    Height: 62"
    MMT: 54/38/29mm Kwik-Switch
    Weight: 52 oz.
    Chute: 36"
    Payload: 12"
    FinThickness: 0.06"
    CertLevel: Level 1 and 2
    Motors: H thru J

  • Estes Expedition

    Price €22.27

    Estes 7249 Expedition

    Skill level master

    Explore the world with the Expedition!

  • PML IO

    Price €82.60

    Public Missiles Limited Io

    Dia.: 2.1"
    Height: 33"
    Weight: 23 oz.
    MMT: 29mm
    Chute: 24"
    PayLoad: None
    FinThickness: 0.06"
    CertLevel: Pre-Cert & Level 1
    Motors: F thru H

  • Madcow Mini Frenzy 1.6

    Price €57.81

    Madcow Rocketry 1.6 Mini Frenzy


    Length: 28.5"
    Diameter 1.6"
    Weight: 8oz
    Recovery: 18" Nylon Chute
    Motor Mount: 29mm
    Fins: 1/8" Plywood

  • PML 1/4 scale Patriot

    Price €131.82

    Public Missiles Limited PML 1/4 scale Patriot

    Dia.: 3.9"
    Height: 55.7"
    Weight: 50 oz.
    MMT: 38mm
    Chute: 48"
    Payload: 12"
    FinThickness: 0.06"
    CertLevel: Level 1 and 2
    Motors: H thru J

  • PML AGM-600 Pit Bull

    Price €516.53

    Public Missiles Limited AGM-600 Pit Bull

    Dia.: 6.0 in.
    Height: 79 in.
    Weight: 193 oz.
    MMT: 54mm
    Chute: 72"
    Payload: None
    FinThickness: 0.09"
    CertLevel: Level 2
    Motors: I thru K