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  • Aerotech Arreaux

    Price €66.07

    Aerotech Arreaux™

    Our trademark rocket. Pronounced “aero,”
    the Arreaux’s payload section makes it
    perfect for lofting altimeters, accelerometers,
    and other experimental projects.
    With “G” powered flights exceeding 3000
    feet, this rocket cranks!
  • Klima B4-0 6 PIECES

    Price €13.18

    Klima B4-0 6 PIECES

    B4-0 (6 motors incl. Electric detonators)
    Technical specifications:
    Length: 70 mm
    Diameter: 18 mm
    Total pulse: ca. 5.0 Ns
    thrust: about 4 N
    thrust Duration: about 1.3 sec
    Delay: 0 sec (for multi-stage rockets)
  • Estes A8-3

    Price €9.50

    Estes A8-3

    One of the most widely used rocketmotors for starting in the hobby.

  • Jolly Logic Altimeter One

    Price €49.55

    Jolly Logic Altimeter One

    AltimeterOne is a rechargeable digital altimeter with a clear, sunlight-readable LCD display. Its tiny size and rugged construction have helped to propel its use beyond model rockets and planes to kites, quadcopters, falconry, and other sports and activities.
  • Estes Flash™ Launch Set

    Price €33.02

    Estes 1478 Flash™ Launch Set

    Skill level E2X - Easy to Assemble

    High performance model rocketry at a moderate price. The 16 inch FLASH is a great addition to the Snaps line of model rockets from Estes. You can experience the thrill of building and flying your own high performance model rocket without the need for gluing or waiting.

  • MissileWorks USB Interface module

    The USB IO Dongle belongs to m3 (Missile Works Mini Module) Component family, and provides USB interface capability and data transfer between the RRC3 and a host computer. Use the USB IO with the mDACS Windows based application software to upload flight data, altimeter settings, and to perform flight simulations and detailed diagnositcs.
  • Estes E Launch Controller

    Price €20.62

    Estes 2230 E Launch Controller

     E Launch Controller is a must when launching “E” engine powered rockets but can be used to launch all Estes engines.