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  • Estes Mini Mosquito

    Price €5.74

    Estes 1345 Mini Mosquito

    Skill level intermediate 

    A great addition to our Mini engine powered line of rockets and now available by itself!

  • Estes Alpha VI

    Price €14.83

    Estes 1958 Alpha VI

    Skill level beginner

    There is no better way to celebrate our anniversary than with one of the most iconic and highly recognized rockets of all time! The "classic" styling of the Alpha line continues with the "very special" limited edition of the Estes Alpha VI! Celebrate 60 years with Estes! 

  • Estes Red Flare

    Price €28.88

    Estes 1954 Red Flare

    Skill level beginner

    All pre-colored plastic parts, and red holographic at that, are sure to be an attention grabber!

  • Estes T-BOLT

    Price €24.75

    Estes 1900 T-BOLT

    Simply twist together the air tubes, stand back and have FUN! 

  • Estes Alpha III

    Price €11.53

    Estes 1256 Alpha III

    Skill level beginner 

    A true classic, the Alpha III was the first rocket in the beginner series. Designed with pre-colored parts and self-stick decals, you’ll be ready for liftoff in minutes. Whether you’re a first timer or a long time flyer, the Alpha III should be in everyones’ collection.

  • Estes No. 2 Skywriter

    Price €16.49

    Estes No. 2 Estes Skywriter

    E2X - Easy to Assemble

    The No. 2 Sky Writer rocket is a one-of-a-kind design from the creative guys at the Estes rocket shop. It's the very first model rocket to replicate the good ole' No. 2 wooden pencil. A rocket shaped like a pencil? Yep...we're just that good!

  • Estes Baby Bertha

    Price €12.36

    Estes 1261 Baby Bertha

    Skill level beginner 

    A miniature version of one of the most popular kits of all time, the Big Bertha. There’s nothing childlike about the Baby Bertha! It’s fun to build and decorate.

  • Estes Freefall

    Price €15.66

    Estes Freefall

    Skill level E2X
    An easy to assemble rocket and a parachute man! Hours of fun with this kit for all!
  • Estes Flip Flyer

    Price €14.01

    Estes 2416 Flip Flyer

    Skill level beginner

    A couple of hours of your time and you’re off to the flying field with the dual recovery Flip Flyer!

  • Estes Humdinger

    Price €12.36

    Estes 2429 Humdinger

    Skill level beginner 

    Who says fun doesn't come in small packages!

  • Estes Mix-It Up

    Price €9.05

    Estes 2432 Mix-It Up

    Skill level beginner

    With the Mix-it UP, something new and different has arrived at ESTES - multi-colored plastic parts

  • Estes Silver Streak

    Price €9.88

    Estes 2434 Silver Streak

    Skill level beginner 

    Easy to assemble gets you to the flying field quick.

  • Estes 3 Bandits

    Price €20.62

    Estes 2435 3 Bandits

    Skill level beginner 

    Get to the flying field quick with these mini engine powered rockets!

  • Estes Emerald Streak

    Price €12.36

    Estes 2436 Emerald Streak

    Skill level beginner 

    Standard engine powered and reaches over 900 feet! 

  • Estes Sky Shark

    Price €12.36

    Estes 2438 Sky Shark

    Skill leven E2X

    Mini engine power

    Colored plastic parts, easy to assemble and no paint is necessary.