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  • Estes Eggscaliber

    Price €19.79

    Estes 2123 Eggscaliber

    Skill level Advanced 

    Wow! Four different engine sizes using the same rocket! See just how high you can make this unique rocket fly without breaking the egg.

  • Estes Savage

    Price €24.75

    Estes 2437 Savage

    Skill level advanced 

    Standard engine powered and reaches heights of 1600 feet! What a great addition to your collection.

  • Estes Magician

    Price €17.31

    Estes 2440 Magician

    Skill level advanced 

    The super talented rocket scientists really cooked up some “magic” with this one! Standing an impressive 33.5 inches tall, the Magician can reach soaring heights of 1600 feet when flown on Estes D and *E Engines. The clear payload section is just an added bonus!

  • Estes Mini Comanche-3

    Price €12.36

    Estes 2448 Mini Comanche-3

    Skill level advanced 

    A great addition to our Mini Engine powered line of rockets and a 3-stage kit, no less!

  • Estes Twister

    Price €10.70

    Estes Twister

    Skill level advanced 

    A whirlwind of wonder! Watch the Estes Twister model rocket soar and spin up to 1,100 feet! At 13.8 inches tall, it is one of the highest soaring rockets of its size.

  • Estes Hornet

    Price €15.66

    Estes 3037 Hornet

    Skill level advanced 

    Another Estes Classic model rocket returns! Powered by standard Estes engines, the Hornet looks almost identical to its original counterpart. 

    Back by popular demand, the Hornet model rocket is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Launched with standard engines this time around, this rocket can reach heights of 775 feet. 

  • Estes Tercel Boost Glider

    Price €14.01

    Estes 3222 Tercel Boost Glider

    Skill level advanced 

    The Tercel boost glider uses a high efficient elliptical plan form wing for outstanding glide performance. After a straight vertical boost to altitude the glider separates from the engine pod. While the pod descends under it's own 6" parachute the glider is free to roam the skies for a typical 60 second flight. As a bonus, a special wire stand off is included in each kit to hold the igniter clips in place for a worry free launch. 

  • Estes Astron Skydart II

    Price €24.75

    Estes 3229 Astron Skydart II

    Skill level advanced 

    Powered by standard engines, expect to be impressed with the glider flight of the Astron Skydart II. Absolutely the coolest glider rocket Estes makes, one minute duration glides are fully possible. Be the first on your block to get this cool rocket.

  • Estes Centuri

    Price €20.62

    Estes 3232 Centuri

    Skill level advanced 

    A great addition to our Advanced line of rockets. Standard engine powered. Sure to be a crowd pleaser.

  • Estes Crossfire ISX

    Price €14.67

    Estes 7220 Crossfire ISX

    Skill level advanced

    Now available separately! The ever popular Crossfire ISX has always been a hit and will continue. Already have your launch system, this rocket is for you.

  • Estes Nike Smoke

    Price €18.14

    Estes 7247 Nike Smoke

    Skill level advanced

    A 1/10 scale model rocket kit that’s sure to be a collector’s item! High quality parts you’ve come to know with Estes kits.

  • Estes Red Nova

    Price €18.14

    Estes 7266 Red Nova

    Skill level advanced 

    Over 21 inches tall. D Engine powered! 15 in. Parachute recovery.