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  • Estes Little Joe II

    Price €57.81

    Estes 7227 - Little Joe II

    Skill level expert 

    The scale kit introductions get another BIG boost with the reintroduction of the Little Joe II. This kit is a 1/45th scale and a skill level 4 builder at it's finest! Our high quality parts along with your precision building and finishing skills will make the Little Joe II a rocket to be very proud of! 

  • Estes Conquest

    Price €33.02

    Estes 7230 Conquest

    Skill level expert

    Are you ready for the hottest rocket going this year? With a 12.8 inch wingspan, the Conquest is sure to fill the bill! A challenge to build, this master level kit will be well worth your time.

    You will be the envy of the flying field when you show up to launch the Conquest so be ready!

  • Estes Explorer Aquarius

    Price €33.02

    Estes 7253 Explorer Aquarius

    skill level expert

    The Explorer Aquarius is a master level kit that features a custom jig for perfect alignment assembly. Launched with an Estes D12-5 engine (not included), the Explorer Aquarius can fly higher than 700 feet! You’ll want to proudly display this show piece when it’s not on the launch pad, so we’ve included a removable plastic display engine nozzle for the complete effect.

  • ESTES SA-2061 Sasha

    Price €27.23

    Estes SA-2061 Sasha 

    Skill level Expert 

    Inspired by Russian military design, this scale-like model rocket is sure to enthuse the most dedicated rocketeer. A masterful build, this high flying booster model rocket can reach heights of 2300 feet when powered by E engines in both stages.

  • Estes Starship Nova

    Price €18.14

    Estes Starship Nova - EST 7262

    Skill level Expert 

    A straight forward but very “unique” build that will look great on the launch pad and in the sky.


    Price €24.75

    Expert Skill

    Six ways to fly!! The Estes Multi-Roc is a two-stage, payloader rocket that also features a glider recovery!

  • Estes Low Boom SST

    Price €21.45

    Estes Low Boom SST - EST7289

    Skill level expert 

    The supersonic transport (SST) was the future until dangerously loud sonic booms limited where these marvels could fly. The super-quiet Low-Boom SST could begin a new era of supersonic passenger flights. This highly detailed model rocket kit features laser-cut balsa parts, including realistic under-wing “engines pods” and a parachute recovery.

  • Estes Mini "A" Heli

    Price €13.18

    Estes Mini "A" Heli - EST7272

    Skill level Expert 

    IT’S HERE! GREAT for NAR Competition! Mini engine powered and competition ready helicopter recovery.


    Price €37.15
    Expert Skill

    The first full color Estes catalog cover model makes a triumphant return! The Mars Snooper is the perfect powerhouse model for exploring new worlds! Take this futuristic rocket to the launch pad and take to the skies on a D12-5 to soar up to 800 feet!