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  • Estes Expedition

    Price €22.27

    Estes 7249 Expedition

    Skill level master

    Explore the world with the Expedition!

  • Estes Shuttle

    Price €45.41

    Estes Shuttle

    Skill level master

    Own your very own "shuttle" with the ESTES Shuttle. The rocket stands proudly at 23.2 inches and can reach 500 feet when powered with an E12-4 engine. The shuttle itself is 12.2 inches long and has an 8.9 inch wingspan. When the conditions are right, one minute shuttle glides are very possible. Pretty impressive!

  • Estes Protostar

    Price €21.45

    Estes Protostar - EST7260

    Skill level Expert 

    A must have to any home! A great flyer and quite a looker to the retro lovers.

  • Estes Extreme 12

    Price €27.23

    Estes Extreme 12 - EST7225

    Skill level Expert 

    2 stage. Over 46 inches tall. Need we say more?

  • Estes Odyssey

    Price €29.71

    Estes odyssey - EST7235

    Skill level Master

    Futuristic and so cool! Awesome lift off the launch pad!