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  • Estes 9716 Pro Series II Star Orbiter

    Pro Series II

    We continue to develop and grow the Pro Series II line! This time around we’re offering up a BT60 (1.64 in/42 mm) diameter body tube for your building enjoyment. 

  • Estes 9701 Pro Series II Ventris

    Pro Series II

    Awesome is what the Ventris is! Introduced in 2011, the Pro Series II line features "big boy" toys!

  • Estes Pro Series II Argent

    Price €107.40

    Estes 9703 Pro Series II Argent

    Pro Series II

    Outstanding is what the Argent is! Introduced in 2011, the Pro Series II line features "big boy" toys!

  • Estes 9707 Pro Series II™ E2X Majestic™

    Skill level - Pro series II Beginner 

    Chromed parts and a metallic body tube make this rocket EASY to track in the sky!

  • Estes Pro Series Mammoth

    Price €107.40

    Estes 9708 Pro Series Mammoth

    Skill level Pro Series II E2X (Easy to Assemble)

    This rocket is big, MAMMOTH big! Standing 59.1 inches tall, wow what a MAMMOTH! From our E2X line with metallic body tubes and a 24 inch red nylon parachute, this MAMMOTH won't get lost in the sky! Easy to track, regardless of how high it flies! And if you boost it using the EST9752 PS II Booster, it will go out of sight! 

  • Estes 9709 Pro Series II™ E2X Trajector™

    Skill level Pro Series II E2X (Easy to Assemble)

    We just made the "big boy" toys easier than ever! Now available in our Easy to Assemble format, the Trajector is one cool space-ship looking rocket! Standing 35.3 inches tall, this rocket is really easy to see in the sky.

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    Estes Pro series II Doorknob - EST9720

    Almost 27 inches tall and powered by DE and F engines, this 1:12 Scale Model is an impressive Sport and Scale model of the sounding rocket manufactured from Lacrosse rocket motors for the project Hardtack Nuclear Test Series.