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  • Estes Little Joe II

    Price €57.81

    Estes 7227 - Little Joe II

    Skill level expert 

    The scale kit introductions get another BIG boost with the reintroduction of the Little Joe II. This kit is a 1/45th scale and a skill level 4 builder at it's finest! Our high quality parts along with your precision building and finishing skills will make the Little Joe II a rocket to be very proud of! 

  • Estes Big Bertha

    Price €20.62

    Estes Big Bertha

    Big Bertha is an Estes original! She's an all around Estes favorite that has truly withstood the test of time. Over the decades, Big Bertha has been most modelers' first big build. If you've never flown a Bertha, get one and launch it. Once you've flown it, you'll take it to every launch!
  • Estes Expedition

    Price €22.27

    Estes 7249 Expedition

    Skill level master

    Explore the world with the Expedition!

  • Estes Mini Mosquito

    Price €5.74

    Estes 1345 Mini Mosquito

    Skill level intermediate 

    A great addition to our Mini engine powered line of rockets and now available by itself!

  • Estes Flash™ Launch Set

    Price €33.02

    Estes 1478 Flash™ Launch Set

    Skill level E2X - Easy to Assemble

    High performance model rocketry at a moderate price. The 16 inch FLASH is a great addition to the Snaps line of model rockets from Estes. You can experience the thrill of building and flying your own high performance model rocket without the need for gluing or waiting.

  • Estes 1436 Javelin™ Launch Set

    Skill level E2X

    Join the thousands of people wanting a really cool quick building rocket! E2X (Easy to Assemble) is a rocket series designed with beginners in mind. With all pre-colored rocket parts and easily applied self-stick decals, you're ready for liftoff in minutes. With nothing more needed than tube type plastic cement for this launch set, you can be on the flying field in no time at all! 

  • Estes 1441 Journey™ Launch Set

    Skill leven E2X

    "Journey" to outer space with the high flying Journey! Powered by standard Estes engines (sold separately), you can reach heights of 1100 feet! E2X means Easy to Assemble so you will be at the launch site in no time at all! All rocket parts are pre-colored and decals are self-stick for easy assembly. 

  • Estes Alpha VI

    Price €14.83

    Estes 1958 Alpha VI

    Skill level beginner

    There is no better way to celebrate our anniversary than with one of the most iconic and highly recognized rockets of all time! The "classic" styling of the Alpha line continues with the "very special" limited edition of the Estes Alpha VI! Celebrate 60 years with Estes! 

  • Estes Firebolt

    Price €20.62

    Estes 1956 Firebolt

    Skill level intermediate 

    Super bright in the sky, and what a sight it is! 

  • Estes 9716 Pro Series II Star Orbiter

    Pro Series II

    We continue to develop and grow the Pro Series II line! This time around we’re offering up a BT60 (1.64 in/42 mm) diameter body tube for your building enjoyment. 

  • Estes Conquest

    Price €33.02

    Estes 7230 Conquest

    Skill level expert

    Are you ready for the hottest rocket going this year? With a 12.8 inch wingspan, the Conquest is sure to fill the bill! A challenge to build, this master level kit will be well worth your time.

    You will be the envy of the flying field when you show up to launch the Conquest so be ready!

  • Estes Shuttle

    Price €45.41

    Estes Shuttle

    Skill level master

    Own your very own "shuttle" with the ESTES Shuttle. The rocket stands proudly at 23.2 inches and can reach 500 feet when powered with an E12-4 engine. The shuttle itself is 12.2 inches long and has an 8.9 inch wingspan. When the conditions are right, one minute shuttle glides are very possible. Pretty impressive!