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  • Aqua Star is an absolute sensation in the field of water rockets:

    A complete system with almost all standard PET bottles
    can be umfumktioniert without using adhesives or tools for water rocket!
    fly high with water and air up to 100m!
  • Estes Whirlwind Air Rocket launch set - EST1924

    Skill level E2X

    Set includes fully assembled air rocket and all launch equipment needed! Powered by AIR so no batteries are necessary!

  • Klima Aquastar 3 stk - KL6045

    Set of 3 additional rockets for the Aqua Star water rocket system.
    The set includes:
    • 3 tips
    • 3 rear parts with locking ring
    • 3 nozzles / water connection adapter with seal
    • 3 sets of fins
    • 1 roll of PVC tape
  • Estes Rocket-star...

    Price €21.45

    Estes Rocket-star Air-rocket launch set

    Air powered and no batteries needed = LOTS OF FUN!

    Ready to Fly, the Rocket-Stars (you get 2 air rockets) just need their colorful decals applied!

  • Klima Aquastar Party Pack

    Price €35.45
    A finished system with which almost all commercially available PET bottles can be converted to water rockets without the use of adhesives or tools!
    Fly up to 100m with water and air!