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  • The Peregrine is an “Exhaustless” CO2 deployment device that is designed and intended to be located inside the Av-bay right next to the altimeters!! It will discharge through the bulkhead into the parachute compartment.

  • The New Peregrine RAPTOR is another CO2 ejection system designed and manufactured by Tinder Rocketry for parachute deployment in high powered rockets at any altitude.

  • Two Precision Machined Aluminum Housings

    Two 3/8" & Two 1/2" Cartridge Adaptors

    Two Dual Charge Cups

    2 Puncture Piston Assemblies

    Assembly Lube (Works the best of anything I have found)

    Dual Charge Cup Disassembly Nut

    Extra O-rings

    Powder Measure Vials

    Six 16gm CO2 ctgs, Two 23gm CO2 ctgs & Two 35gm CO2 ctgs

    In short, everything you need to run Double Eagles!