To be able to accommodate all customers we have set up the opportunity for customers to rent hardware so they can always have their projects launched.

The listed prices include the rental price but also the deposit which will be refunded when we receive the hardware back in our shop.

We have set the prices of the total set fairly high to make sure that the hardware is returned to us and not kept by the customer.

Euro Space Technology will always be and stay the owner of the rented hardware. All sets are marked and numbered and visibly marked by Euro Space Technology.

At this time we only have this service for the 98mm and the 75mm range.

The return shipment is the responsibility of the customer and we advise you to ship carefully well packed with DHL and insured. Loss of the hardware always results in the loss of the deposit. Damaged hardware is not accepted when returned. 

Please contact us if you have any information. Availability is limited.

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