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  • Aerotech Arreaux

    Price €90.87

    Aerotech Arreaux™

    Our trademark rocket. Pronounced “aero,”
    the Arreaux’s payload section makes it
    perfect for lofting altimeters, accelerometers,
    and other experimental projects.
    With “G” powered flights exceeding 3000
    feet, this rocket cranks!
  • Aerotech ISQY Tomahawk

    Price €90.87

    Aerotech IQSY Tomahawk™

    If you have never built a scale model before,
    the Tomahawk makes the perfect first project.
    Loaded with striking detail and E, F, and G
    power capable, this is one scale model that
    flies like a real sounding rocket.
  • Aerotech Astrobee D

    Price €132.19

    Aerotech Astrobee D™

    The AeroTech flagship. A painstakingly
    crafted scale model, the “D” is nearly 6
    feet of breathtaking molded detail. All of
    AeroTech’s trademark construction features
    combine with “G” power to make
    this kit a “must have” rocket experience.

  • Aerotech Barracuda

    Price €90.87

    Aerotech Barracuda™

    Sleek, slender and over 4 feet tall, the
    Barracuda is sure to impress everyone
    with its standout good looks and majestic
    flights. As with all our kits, the features
    include molded fins and nose cone, and a
    no-wadding ejection system!

  • Aerotech Cheetah

    Price €82.60

    Aerotech Cheetah™

    Like its namesake, this rocket is simply fast!
    The Cheetah is also AeroTech’s altitude champ,
    soaring to over 4000 feet on “G80T” power.
    Our patented no-wadding ejection system and
    nylon parachute bring this cat back home flight
    after flight.
  • Aerotech G-Force

    Price €148.72
    This kit stands over five feet tall! Featuring a big four inch diameter, the G-Force provides spectacular slow lift-offs when powered by AeroTech “G” motors.
  • Aerotech Mirage

    Price €132.19

    Aerotech Mirage™

    For those who want to fly a really big rocket,
    the Mirage is it! Lift-offs are impressively
    slow and realistic when this 7 foot
    monster roars off the pad on “G” power.
    Recovery is on two big nylon parachutes.
  • Aerotech HV Arcas

    Price €99.13

    HV Arcas™

    This replica is 60% the size of the actual highvelocity
    Arcas sounding rocket and features
    precision molded fins, authentic decals, a data
    plate and detailed engineering blue-print.
  • Aerotech Initiator

    Price €90.87

    Aerotech Initiator™

    Itching to fly F and G motors? The Initiator is
    simply the best big rocket to build first. It features
    molded fins, beautiful color coordinated
    decals, and no-wadding ejection system. An
    impressive 3 feet tall, the Initiator is one gorgeous

  • Aerotech Mustang

    Price €82.60

    Aerotech Mustang

    Mustang™ 3,000 foot flights, striking self-adhesive graphics, molded fins, and a durable nylon parachute give the Mustang performance and value that can’t be equaled in any other mid-power rocket kit.