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  • The Peregrine is an “Exhaustless” CO2 deployment device that is designed and intended to be located inside the Av-bay right next to the altimeters!! It will discharge through the bulkhead into the parachute compartment.

  • The New Peregrine RAPTOR is another CO2 ejection system designed and manufactured by Tinder Rocketry for parachute deployment in high powered rockets at any altitude.

  • The Stainless Steel Piranha is not the first, not the lightest and not the least expensive line cutter, but it is the best line cutter you can buy for high powered rocketry!

  • Tinder Rocketry The L2...

    Price €61.94

    Dimensionally, the L2 Tender Descender is the same as the L1 HDPE Tender Descender, but it is well over

    4 times as strong! ​