Madcow 4.0 AGM 33 Pike
  • Madcow 4.0 AGM 33 Pike
  • Madcow 4.0 AGM 33 Pike
  • Madcow 4.0 AGM 33 Pike

Madcow AGM 33 Pike 4.0"

Madcow 4.0 AGM 33 Pike

High Power Rocket
Heavy Duty Plastic Nose Cone
1/4" Plywood Laser Cut Fins and Rings
Delrin Rail Buttons
Dual Deploy Capable
Pre-slotted Airframe
9/16" Tubular Nylon Shock Cord

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Madcow 4.0 AGM 33 Pike


Length: 66.5"
Diameter 4.0"
Weight: 60oz
Motor Mount: 38mm
Fins: 1/4" Plywood

Optional Recovery System:

Nylon Chute 36"
Chute Blast Protector 12" x 12"

Optional Altimeter Bay:

Altimeter Bay - 4" Airframe
Removable Altimeter Bay - 4" Airframe

 About the AGM 33:

The AGM 33 Pike is a fantasy scale surface to air missile. This means there is not a real AGM 33 Pike - we just thought it would be fun to make one up.

Decals to make your AGM 33 Pike look real are available from

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