Public Missiles Bull Puppy
  • Public Missiles Bull Puppy
  • Public Missiles Bull Puppy
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PML Bull Puppy

Public Missiles Limited Bull Puppy

Dia.: 3.0"
Height: 39"
Weight: 32 oz.
MMT: 38mm
Chute: 36"
Payload: None
FinThickness: 0.06"
CertLevel: Level 1 and 2
Motors: G thru J

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                           Based on the U.S. Air Force`s Bull Pup missile, this kit is visually exciting on the ground as well as in flight!

It`s perfect for beginners and experienced rocketeers alike. Don`t let the name fool you, this puppy is equipped with a 38mm motor mount and can be flown with 29mm motors using the optional motor adapter ADPTR-38/29. 39" tall and weighs approximately 32 oz. Can be flown on G through I motors.
  • Dado-slotted Quantum Tube airframe for canard fins
  • Pre-slotted plastic boattail
  • G-10 Fiberglass fins
  • 38mm motor mount
  • Piston ejection system
  • Multi-panel nylon parachute
  • Plastic nose cone
Though it is not mandatory, we recommend the use of our 2- Part Expanding Foam (available on the Adhesives Page of the webstore) to aid in bonding the main fins to the boattail.

Click here for the complete Data Sheet.

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