Public Missiles  half scale patriot
  • Public Missiles  half scale patriot

PML Half scale patriot

Beautiful, semi-scale model of the Patriot Missile!

Dia.: 7.5"

Height: 100"
Weight: 235 oz.
MMT : 54mm

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One of the ADVANCED SERIES of kits. As seen in The Trailer Park Boys season 12, episode 5 on Netflix! The Patriot includes factory pre-slotted airframe and through-the-wall fin construction. The almost half scale PATRIOT  is one of our largest production kits. It includes a 75mm motor mount complete with an MMA-6 to give you the ability to fly 54mm motors. This kit also sports 1/4" laser cut fins, centering rings and bulkheads. Also included -- 1500 series rail guides, YTN-4 Y Harness attach to 2xSCM-4, 78" rip-stop nylon parachute, Nomex parachute protector, Z Clip motor retention, tubular nylon and all necessary hardware to keep it together!


7.5" PATRIOT Rocksim