PML Parachute 36 inch
  • PML Parachute 36 inch

PML Parachute 36 inch

Public Missiles Limited Parachute 36 inch

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PAR-36 36" rip-stop nylon conical parachute, ~8" spill hole 2.9 oz.

PML "Dura-Chute" rocket parachutes are professionally made, multipanel, 15 degree conical design, rip-stop nylon construction.

If you have seen PML`s Dura-Chute parachutes out on the field, you know that we have the best parachutes on the market! Starting with the PAR-60 (60" diameter), we add heavy duty reinforcement webbing to each seam of the chute. This includes the seams between every panel, the skirt, the apex, and cord attach points. These are extemely rugged chutes!

"PML chutes were judged the highest in overall ratings of strength, quality, and appearance as published in an HPR Magazine report, The Great Parachute Driftoff."

All PML parachutes have a spill hole at the apex to reduce sway and drift. Approximate sizes (they may vary slightly) for the spill holes are shown below.

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