Klima Pegasus - KL1112
  • Klima Pegasus - KL1112

Klima Pegasus

Klima Pegasus - KL1112

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Ready Series Starter Set - just unpack and get started!
Recommended engines:
B4-4 (100 m / maiden flight)
C6-5 (280 m)
D9-7 (560 m)

In addition to the large, pre-assembled rocket model, the starter set includes a dismountable,
tilt-adjustable starting ramp and an electronic igniter.
In addition, type B4-4 propellants (engines) with electric lighter
and protective cotton for the first 6 starts are already included.
This is an "all-round carefree package" that other manufacturers
do not offer in this form.
Only the 9V block battery (alkaline) for operating the igniter is still to be obtained.
Pegasus is a constellation in the autumn sky, which
is said to represent a winged horse from Greek mythology.
This rocket belongs to components from the "Quick & Easy" group
and is therefore very robust.

The landing is by parachute, which is the only component
that you have to prepare yourself before flying.
It really couldn't be easier!
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