Klima Mira Start Set
  • Klima Mira Start Set

Klima Mira Start Set

The Mira is easy to build and ready to flight!

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Recommended engines:
A6-4 (55 m / maiden flight)
B4-4 (160 m)
C6-7 (410 m / out of sight)
In addition to the Quick & Easy rocket model kit, the starter set includes a dismountable, tilt-adjustable starting ramp and an electronic igniter.
In addition, 6 propellant sets (engines) of type A6-4 with electric lighter and protective cotton are included.
This is an "all-round carefree package" that other manufacturers do not offer.
Only the 9V block battery (alkaline) for operating the igniter is still to be obtained.

The model rocket Mira is a compact and nimble model which was named after a wonderful double star system. This is known for its unusual colorful tail.
The model is quick and easy to assemble and is decorated with a large colored sticker. It is not necessary to paint the model.

A parachute for safe recovery is also available in the kit.