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    Two Precision Machined Aluminum Housings

    Two 3/8" & Two 1/2" Cartridge Adaptors

    Two Dual Charge Cups

    2 Puncture Piston Assemblies

    Assembly Lube (Works the best of anything I have found)

    Dual Charge Cup Disassembly Nut

    Extra O-rings

    Powder Measure Vials

    Six 16gm CO2 ctgs, Two 23gm CO2 ctgs & Two 35gm CO2 ctgs

    In short, everything you need to run Double Eagles!

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    Price €574.38

    Wildman has done the Jayhawk in style.

    5" Diameter  Filament wound Fiberglass Body tube 

    5" Filament wound Fiberglass boat tail

    5" Filament wound fiberglass nose cone with stepped aluminum tip

    75mm fiberglass motor mount

    Head end dual deployment with CNC cut one piece stepped av-bay lids

    Centering rings

    1/8 G10 fiberglass fins

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    Rocket Junkies 8-gram...

    Price €9.88

    Rocket Junkies 8-gram Aluminium Charge Well

    Rocket Junkies black anodized aluminum charge wells hold up to 8-grams of black powder for use in electronic recovery deployment in high-power rockets.

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    Space X Parachute 3FT

    Price €78.47

    3ft. Space X Inspired Parachute

    Weight: 2.22oz

    Packing Volume: 2.0”D x 4.15”L= 13.05in^3

    Shroud lines: 200lb Spectra

    Material: 1.1oz Ripstop

    Number of Gores: 10

    Vent Diameter: 3.75”

    Surface Area: 9.33ft^2

    Descent Rate:

    -2.4lb @ 15fpss

    -4.3lb @ 20fps

    -6.7lb @ 25fps

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    Space X Parachute 2FT

    Price €60.74

    2ft. Space X Inspired Parachute 

    Weight: 1.23oz

    Packing Volume: 2.0”D x 2.30”L= 7.23in^3

    Shroud lines: 200lb Spectra

    Material: 1.1oz Ripstop

    Number of Gores: 10

    Vent Diameter: 2.5”

    Surface Area: 4.15ft^2

    Descent Rate:

    -1.1lb @ 15fps

    -1.9lb @ 20fps

    -3.0lb @ 25fps

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    Ballistic Mach II 3FT

    Price €105.74

    3ft. Ballistic Mach II

    Weight of parachute: 11.3oz 

    Packing Volume: 4.0”Dx7.0L”=87.96”^3

    Descent Rate:

    15ft/sec: 1.7lbs

    17ft/sec: 2.1lbs

    20ft/sec: 2.8lbs

    25ft/sec: 4.4lbs

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    Ballistic Mach II 2FT

    Price €82.60

    2ft. Ballistic Mach ll Parachute

    Weight of parachute: 6oz 

    Packing Volume: 4.0”Dx5.0L”=62.83”^3

    Descent Rate:

    15ft/sec: .70lbs

    17ft/sec: .90lbs

    20ft/sec: 1.13lbs

    25ft/sec: 1.5lbs

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    Ballistic Mach II 1FT

    Price €61.94

    1ft. Ballistic Mach ll Parachute 

    Weight of parachute: 3.3oz

    Packing Volume: 3.0”D x 4.0L”= 28.27”^3

    Descent rate:

    15ft/sec: .10lbs

    17ft/sec: .20lbs

    20ft/sec: .40lbs

    25ft/sec: .50lbs